Université de Bordeaux

Universidad del País Vasco

Euskampus and IdEX Universtiy Campus Ehubaq

Goals and display areas

The target of the joint action between Initative d’Excellence of the University of Bordeaux and the Campus of International Excellence Euskampus is to create a Cross-borders Euroregional Campus that is considered as an international benchmark in three dimensions : in education rankings, in networks of excellence research and in the innovation sector. 

The initiative is focused on the 4 areas of specialization common to Euskampus Knowledge Poles and those of the Laboratoires d’Excellence of Bordeaux.

  • Sustainable ecosystems and environmental  technologies
  • Innovative processes and new materials
  • Healthy aging and quality of life
  • Social innovation

 The campus starts up with the following strategic goals, all at different levels:

  • Individual: Reinforce the actions of both universities implied in the University of Bordeaux and UPV/EHU’s project and that of their environments.
  • Regional: progress in the achievement of the euroregional goal, that is to say an economy based on knowledge and innovation.
  • State:  increasing the expected return on investment in strategies of international excellence
  • European:  contributing to the development of a European space of research and higher education.

 To do this, we have designed a joint action plan with the following objectives:

  • Generate a joint and attractive academic offer (double degrees, co-supervised theses, masters and shared research, co-supervised thesis, among others.
  • To promote the mobility of students, teachers and researchers in both regions
  • Promote synergies in R & D + i and encourage joint actions of knowledge transfer and valorization, internationally, with direct impact on its territory
  • International joint promotion of the campus

Policy Areas

1. Education

  • Aim: providing the students with a greater capacity for employability in an international context.
  • Instruments
  • Enlargement of the joint offer of Masters and Doctorates
  • Mobility of the students and academic staff

2. Research

  • Goal: create a European leadership based on the synergies resulting from both universities and their strategic partners in the path towards excellence in the research area. 
  • Instruments
    • Intercluster cooperation
    • Co-supervising of doctorate thesis 

3. Transfer

  • Goal: create added value in the cross-fertilization of both cultures in knowledge transfer and innovation
  • Instruments:
    • Entrepreneurship: interchange with Entrepreneuriat Campus Aquitaine (ECA) and the project IKDGAZTE
    • Encounters of technological transfer units with the target of generating opportunities of spreading knowledge and capacities.

4. Communication

  • Goal: promote the image of the Cross-borders Euroregional Campus of Excellence and improve the perception, acknowledgment and international position of both universities and their environments..
  • Instruments:
    • Joint events
    • Digital presence: web portal and social networks.