Université de Bordeaux

Universidad del País Vasco

Euskampus and IdEX Universtiy Campus Ehubaq

Plan of Strategic Actions 2012-2015

Providing students with greater job skills

  • Joint Master's programmes
  • Short-term mobility programmes for students to take part in mainstream, research and training events and symposiums.
  • Euro-regional professional development centre (step 1: Professional development Centres for PhDs)

Constructing a European leadership based on the synergies between the spheres of research excellence

  • Inter-clusters of international development of excellence
  • Joint PhD Programme (PhD co-tuelle and grants)

Creating value based on crossed fertilisation of the knowledge transfer cultures

  • Entrepreneurial spirit (step 1: coordinating actions to develop entrepreneurial spirit and lack of risks)
  • A Euro-regional gateway of technology transfer opportunities.

Promoting the image of a Euroregional Excellence Campus

  • Website portal and digital presence

Driving collaboration

  • Support and coordination team
  • Dissemination and internal promotion of the cross-border culture among academic staff, researchers and service and administration staff.