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About Ehubaq


Since 1994, thanks to the Red universitaria Aquitania-Euskadi-Navarra (AEN), the Euskampus project partners and the entities involved in the Bordeaux University Initiative d’Excellence (IdEX) have signed numerous academic and research collaboration agreements that have enabled a stable network of joint projects and teams to be established. Over the years and given the many shared initiatives, a close relationship of trust and working together between the two projects of excellence has been generated and consolidated. In September 2010, this was strengthened with the signing of an agreement to build a common area for cooperation in training, research, innovation and international outreach to thus establish a cross-border university campus in the Basque Country-Aquitaine Euroregion.


The UPV/EHU and the Bordeaux University Hub, in line with European guidelines on excellence and underpinned by their national educational policies, have embarked on their own internationalisation and modernisation projects that are focused on the Euskampus, Campus of International Excellence of the UPV/EHU, and IdEX, Initiative d’Excellence at Bordeaux University, projects respectively. The objectives pursued by the two entities are similar and fall within the framework of a consolidated relationship strengthened with the implementation of the Cross-border Euroregional Campus in line with the commitment to foster regional excellence and along the Atlantic Corridor. The commitment reached by both universities is not only a strategy to share the international excellence of both universities, but is also in response to a political and social demand from the Basque Country-Aquitaine Euroregion in collaboration with the driving forces of the Euroregion, that consider this Campus to be a cornerstone for the development of the region.

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